Games and Puzzles
Many chess games and puzzles can be viewed on this site through Michael Keating's online PGN chess viewer. Special thanks goes to Michael for providing this great chess tool.

When using the chess viewer, you will notice asterisks "*" next to some of the moves. This means that there are subvariations of the moves that can be selected at the bottom right side of the viewer, in the text box just under the 'Preferences' button. If there are mutliple asterisks, there will be multiple subvariations to choose.

When selecting a subvariation, notice that the font color of the original move in the list turns to blue. After playing through the subvariation, click on the original move (highlighted in blue text), then click on the first variation in the subvariation box. This will take you back to the original game.

Some selections below contain mutliple puzzles, tactics, or games that appear as a list in the comment box just below the chessboard. These can be selected by clicking on them in the comment box.

Click items to select games or puzzles. last modified on 08/17/2009